Change is the new normal in the mortgage servicing landscape. The financial crisis firmly established a local, state and federal framework for increased regulation and oversight. While newly enacted rules offered additional protections for borrowers and taxpayers, they also created a more complex and challenging environment for servicers, driving up their costs.

Additional regulatory changes may be on the horizon with the new administration, but the final outcome is still unknown. Some industry analysts anticipate a rollback while others expect continuity of the current approach. Whatever the outcome, servicers must be ready to observe an ever-evolving set of complex guidelines while origination and servicing volumes continue to grow.

Altisource believes in staying a step ahead of the industry’s constantly changing needs — with solutions from real estate, mortgage and technology services to specialized offerings to support FHA loans. By leveraging our end-to-end product suite, combined with innovative technology, we’re able to help improve controls and mitigate risk throughout the lifecycle of servicing your portfolio. Our approach is distinguished by:

Altisource brings together some of the most experienced leaders in the financial and mortgage industries. With their knowledge, we’ve developed leading-edge products and technology solutions that help meet the needs of a very diverse client base.

Our infrastructure enables us to leverage enterprise-wide capabilities to create bundled services directed to solve complex problems. Today, Altisource continues to grow its servicer solutions product suite, increasing its offerings to existing clients and significantly expanding its client base.

Through our deep investment in products, technology and controls, along with an unwavering commitment to quality service, we’ve developed integrated solutions that help our customers manage risk so they can remain competitive and focus on growing their client base.

“Our solutions leverage company-wide capabilities combined with extensive industry experience, a compliance and control environment, along with innovative technology and data analytics, enabling us to deliver inventive approaches which help our clients monitor and mitigate risk exposure while improving their bottom-line results,” said John Vella, chief revenue officer at Altisource.

Altisource brings together a robust auction process and our powerful market presence as a residential real estate leader to support our customers while seeking out new ways to maximize revenue.

Our customized solutions scale easily and offer support for REO and short sale asset management, Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) auction services, plus a bundled offering to help manage FHA assets.

“We are deeply committed to customizing our mortgage and real estate solutions to the unique needs of our customers to help them get results fast,” said Joe Davila, president of servicer solutions at Altisource.

Leading financial institutions are choosing Altisource Servicer Solutions:*

  • REO and Short Sale Asset Management
  • Field Services and Renovation
  • Title Insurance and Settlement Services
  • Brokerage
  • Online Real Estate Marketplace
  • Property Valuations
  • Default Technology
  • CWCOT and Foreclosure Auction Services

*Several leading financial institutions ranked by U.S. assets use at least one Altisource servicer solution.