Mason-McDuffie’s complete commitment to technology throughout its loan process distinguishes it from other mortgage lenders. The company, which established a partnership with Silicon Valley tech company Blend to be the backbone of its new customer-focused lending platform and CMPS for its internal CRM solution, leverages technology to provide a unique experience for both loan officers and its customers.

Mason-McDuffie partnered with CMPS to provide its loan officers with a mobile-adaptive, next-gen CRM that gives loan officers the tools they need to manage their clients and referral partners. This means loan officers can help educate clients and give them a digital loan cost analysis from any device, giving them the opportunity to make the best decision possible.

“Our loan officers are given the best computing tech available, so they can be mobile and work from anywhere that there is Internet,” said Jason Frazier, chief information officer at Mason-McDuffie. “We look at security first and mobile second so that we can continue to be on the cutting edge of what we are providing our loan officers.”Mason Mcduffie logo

This approach is clearly working, as Mason-McDuffie’s loan officers reported a 100% satisfaction rating when dealing with the company’s concierge group, Prime Services.

“We are not perfect, but the support and professionalism is unmatched in our industry. In fact, according to ZenDesk, which has customers in the tens of thousands, our support statistics are better than over 99% of others on their platform. It proves that the support we provide is successful and isn’t just lip service or a sales pitch,” Frazier said.

The company’s tech commitment benefits borrowers as well, who get to experience transparency, professionalism, ease of use and education when working with Mason-McDuffie. Blend’s intuitive design and data connectivity makes it easy for borrowers to apply online — digitally and securely — from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Clients can work virtually with loan officers in real time, which helps streamline the origination process from start to finish. And Mason-McDuffie has a team of trainers who travel to branch offices to individually train loan officers on the new platform.

Mason-McDuffie’s tech provides a foundation that lets the company focus on what is really important: customer relationships.

“For anything that we do, we start with the customer experience first. This process can be stressful and frustrating, so we want to make sure we provide a seamless process based on education and communication,” Frazier said.

The driving force behind Mason-McDuffie’s approach is the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. The company values the insights and contributions of everyone involved in the loan process — employees, vendors and consumers.

“When we work with our vendor partners, we go beyond just a client relationship. We form a partnership where we help them and they help us. It is about building for the future and we want everyone to contribute.” Frazier said.

“We believe we are creating a mortgage experience that has never been done before in our industry. It is a bold statement, but we have done it with our Prime Services Group, and we believe we can continue to innovate.”

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