Docutech developed ConformX to meet the industry’s need for a web-based dynamic document-generation engine. Instead of a static library of forms, ConformX allows lenders to create data-driven documents that meet specific criteria and integrate with loan origination systems.

“Docutech was the first in the document generation industry to leverage truly dynamic documents,” said David Aach, executive vice president. “As a result, we are able to deliver quick and accurate document changes.”

“Our dynamic technology makes sure the document is always ready for the dotted lines your clients will sign,” Aach said. “We minimize errors from data entry and rep and warrant our documents with the best warranty around.”

ConformX also provides streamlined document change management, managing document generation to ensure all critical data is included prior to delivering the document packages.Docutech logo

“At Docutech, we believe that compliance and accuracy are central to everything a successful document provider does.” Aach said. 

“After all, the documents we provide are more than just legal forms: they must be completely accurate all the time, every time, for every one of a lender’s customers.”

For instance, ConformX manages the tolerances between the loan estimate and the closing disclosure, ensuring lenders stay in compliance with the latest regulations.

It also enables a faster closing process, reducing the amount of time spent preparing documents for the closing table.

The LOS pushback function ensures a complete audit trail of all events is logged in the lenders system of record if needed by regulators or investors.

“We streamlined the change management process so we get it right fast. This lets our clients reduce headcount, cost, and focus on what they do best, closing more deals,” Aach said.

ConformX provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Regulatory Accuracy
  • Continuous regulatory monitoring
  • Ensure loans are market ready
  • Save processing time and reduce risk
  • Automatically check for compliance violations to eliminate liability
  • eSign
  • High adoption rates reduce handling costs up to 80%
  • Improved performance with 90% less errors
  • Enhanced audit results through LOS pushback
  • Worry-free accuracy and best practices

ConformX also delivers real-time reporting of document packages with industry-leading security to protect user privacy.

“We know our clients win when we enable streamlined workflows and more efficient and timely closing of loans. We deliver this through robust LOS integrations eliminating duplicate data entry,” Aach said.

Docutech supports its technology solutions with responsive customer service that places a premium on resolving questions quickly.

“While some companies claim they have great service, we deliver. We average less than minutes to get someone live on the phone. In fact, we are typically responsive within 30 seconds,” Aach said.

“Not only can we get to your question when it counts most, but 90% of the questions we can resolve during the first contact.”

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