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Are real estate agents the most unprofessional professionals?

Reddit user vents answer: Yes

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned unchecked and unverifiable generalization on an entire industry based on a personal experience to get people riled up.

And right now, on Reddit, it’s the real estate industry’s turn to face that firing squad.

User "lateralus40 "has simply had it with real estate agents and wants to know if anyone else in real estate deals with so many terrible professionals.

Here’s the full vent:

"I'm just at my wits end with the agents I've had to do deals with this year, and I need to rant. This may just be my state, although I'm not sure why that would be, but holy cow, I've never met so many unprofessional "professionals" in my life until entering the real estate business.

I can confidently say only 1 in 10 agents I deal with are competent, professional, and honest. The other 9 out of 10 are lazy, uneducated, lie, and do shady business.

How is this possible? How is this one industry so lacking in professionalism?

Maybe I'm expecting too much as my background is in law and attorneys are forced to be professional. But do the real estate associations not put this pressure on agents? Maybe it's just not being reported enough. Whatever the case, it's unbelievable."

Anyone else in the real estate business experience this?

Here’s one great response, from "lumptrout," in a sea of hateful comments:

"As a generalized statement? No! I've seen couples stretch their financial capabilities to the breaking point to be able to buy houses, especially pre 2007. Some ethical Realtors would not work with them because they knew it would be a disaster. Unfortunately another less ethical Realtor had an even more unethical mortgage broker set them up for a deal. Of course they lost their shirts during the crash. But I lay the blame equally amongst the Realtors, the [sic] mortage broker and the greedy clients that made that happen. This is just an example, but it was clearly not a good realtors job just to finalize the deal."

What are your thoughts? Please sound off on the message boards below.

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