San Francisco continues with the outrageous housing news, with this “dilapidated lean-to in the city’s Outer Mission district” house listing for sale for $350,000, according to an article in Fusion.

To truly appreciate the whopping price for this “fixer” home, look at this picture.

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San Francisco

(Photo credit: ZipRealty)

The article explained that the listing describes the house as a “fixer,” and a “distinguished home in need of work,” which is putting it nicely.  

And this isn’t the only shocking news to come out of the city this week.

In July, the mummified corpse of a homeowner was found in a Lake District Victorian house for sale in San Francisco. Apparently the homeowner’s daughter was living in the house and was a hoarder.

According to a report from Curbed San Francisco, the house also had rats, black widows, mold, and hundreds of bottles of urine inside it when it went up for sale. Not only did the mummy house sell for asking price, it sold for more than $500,000 above asking prices.

According to the Curbed report, the mummy house sold for $1.56 million.

The San Francisco Bay Area began showing some warning signs of a bubble in July, according to Collateral Analytics’ California Home Price Forecast Models.

These two outrageous house listings can add their names to the list of warning signs.