As the economy continues to recover, a handful of housing markets are standing out due to their low down payment costs, high equity level and a handful of other key metrics.  

WalletHub compared 25 of the largest metropolitan areas across 10 key metrics to find out which metros rank as the healthiest housing markets.

The information for 25 of the largest metropolitan areas were from

WalletHub used information for the 25 metropolitans that were already selected by the U.S. Census Bureau in its American Housing Survey.

Here are the results, showcasing the 10 healthiest housing markets.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston skyline during the day

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

3. San Antonio, Texas

4. Northern New Jersey, New Jersey

5. Hartford, Connecticut

6. Austin, Texas


7. New York, New York

8. Rochester, New York


9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10. Houston, Texas