Think your gorgeous $11.9 million mansion with your own bowling alley and helipad is something special?

Guess what, you’re a garbage person. An undesirable. A low-down pov.

Well, at least you are in London, where the most expensive home is more expensive than Buckingham Palace.

In fact, it’s more expensive than any home in the world.

While luxury real estate agents speculate about the potential US$525 million price tag for the illustrious Villa La Fiorentina overlooking the French Riviera – if and when it goes on sale this year –17 Upper Phillimore Gardens in London’s millionaire-have Kensington, still tops the list for most expensive properties, according to

Olena Pinchuk, an AIDS philanthropist and the daughter of a former Ukranian president, bought the luxury property for more than US$127 million just as the recession hit the U.K. in 2008.

After turning heads with the high profile purchase, Pinchuk’s husband Viktor said the goal wasn’t to buy the most expensive house so much invest in real estate. Nice investment, bud.

The former Victorian prep-school harbours 10 bedrooms, an underground swimming pool, sauna, gym, cinema and panic room – a vital flourish as someone who can afford a place like this should probably have a panic room.

Today, the Kensington residence is worth US$1.58 billion.

Next up on the list is the current residence of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the wee Prince George, oh, and the various staff and members of the British monarch filling Buckingham Palace’s 755 rooms.

As for the most expensive home back here in the colonies? Sorry, we're pikers. It's $195 million, and it's in Beverly Hills.