Google workers disturb homeowners’ peace

Google said it responds to complaints

Menlo Park, Calif.-based search engine giant and technological behemoth Google is known for its real estate ventures, but this time, homeowners say they are going too far. announced a $50 million investment from Google Capital, in March.

And also, the web giant once launched an online mortgage-pricing tool with Mortech.

Then, two years later, it took down its real estate listings.

Now workers laying Google Fiber are overwhelming homeowners and disturbing their peace.

According to KMBC in Kansas City, one homeowner returned after Google workers started laying the fiber cables only to find hazards and hassle.

"I had two holes in my yard. They were about 3 feet deep. No one was here. They had 'Men working' signs over them and I had no water," the homeowner said.

And the installation process can impact more than one house at a time. Last month, residents of an entire neighborhood had to evacuate when contractors caused a gas leak, the article states.

A spokesperson for Google Fiber tells KMBC they are working to make things right and admit workers should leave yards in the condition found.

Google is undeterred by the complaints and expanding its end date for sign ups. It is also expanding from three test cities, to 11 total.

Right now, the company is trying a trial run of the system in Kansas City, promising internet speeds up to 100X faster than the average broadband.

“Instant downloads. Crystal clear high definition TV. And endless possibilities,” the company promises.

But for such rewards, there are some definite risks to homeowners.

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