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HousingWire is by far the nation's most influential source of news and information for U.S. mortgage markets, boasting a readership that spans lending, servicing, investments and real estate market participants as well as financial market professionals.

Winner of numerous awards, including a 2012 Eddie Award for national editorial excellence in the B-to-B Banking/Business/Finance, HousingWire has been recognized for excellence in journalism by the Society of Business Editors and Writers, the American Society of Business Press Editors, the National Association of Real Estate Editors, and Trade Association Business Publications International.


HousingWire.com is the leading independent source for news, commentary and analysis covering the entire mortgage banking and financial markets. Staffed by a core team of experienced journalists and editors, HousingWire.com delivers breaking news and opinions on U.S. housing and mortgage finance. HousingWire.com has a well developed reputation for delivering today the news other trade outlets will be reporting on tomorrow -- and our readers value the information they get from HousingWire.com first.

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HousingWire Magazine is a monthly magazine that provides in-depth context and insight spanning the people, issues and data that matter in mortgage finance and real estate. The magazine offers readers insight on U.S housing and finance from leading national columnists, as well as exclusive features that tackle hard-hitting issues in real estate finance and bring to life the people that make markets.

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