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    Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Was TRID worth it?


    Plus a window into the credit invisible

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    Plus a window into the credit invisible

    For businesses in the mortgage space, there's some optimism of late thanks to the Trump administration's emphasis on deregulation. And that's understandable. But what about all the time, energy, and money that the industry spent over the last few years dealing with a glut of new regulations? Was it all worth it?

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February 2017

Mortgage servicing boom

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, low interest rates and strict capital requirements combined to make servicing a losing proposition for many banks. The sharp glare of regulators didn’t help either, as banks and nonbanks navigated the already thankless waters of servicing with a new target on their backs. But all that changed abruptly in the fourth quarter of 2016 with the one-two punch of a Trump win and a rate hike by the Federal Reserve.


Servicing under Trump's administration