What to expect at HousingWire’s Spring Summit

The focus of the Summit is The Year-Round Purchase Market. Record low rates led to a banner year for mortgage lenders in 2020, and this year is expected to be just as incredible.

How real estate agents can increase profitability in 2021

As real estate professionals strategize on how to do business in this competitive, fast-paced market, they’ll discover the need for better tools to market their listings.

HousingWire's 2021 Spring Summit

We’ve gathered four of the top housing economists to speak at our virtual summit, a new event designed for HW+ members that’s focused on The Year-Round Purchase Market.

An Honest Conversation on minority homeownership

In this episode, Lloyd interviews a senior research associate in the Housing Finance Policy Center at the Urban Institute about the history and data behind minority homeownership.

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Short-term rentals are outperforming hotels, here’s how one company is helping property owners

A new Vrbo partnership in Texas and Georgia simplifies compliance process

After COVID-19 paused travel, short-term rentals actually fared much better than hotels year-over-year, a new study said.

As of June 21, short-term rental revenue per available room was down just 4.5%, while hotel revenue per available room was down a full 64.8% than the previous year. This decrease in hotel revenue occured despite the fact that the hotel average daily rate increased 31.9% during that period, compared to the 23.2% increase in average daily rate for 1-bedroom or studio rentals, according to a study by Airdna, a short-term rental data and analytics company.

As states safely reopen and travel begins to recover, more travelers are turning to safer, more secluded lodging.

In an interview with HousingWire, Pam Knudsen, director of compliance at Avalara MyLodgeTax, said that its new partnership with short-term rental company Vrbo was made to help rental owners navigate the compliance part of the industry. This partnership is exclusive to Texas and Georgia, for now.

The partnership is designed help property owners who work with Vrbo deal with the compliance requirements of having a short-term rental.

“The compliance side of short-term rentals is something that is often confusing, not clear, it’s definitely not generally the expertise of the property owners,” Knudsen said. “The partnership is really designed to enable them to have an easier way to handle the compliance-related aspects of their short term rental and that’s everything from the licensing and registration piece, through the collection and calculation and remittance of the lodging taxes associated with it.”

Through the partnership, Avalera allows Vrbo hosts to collect and remit the taxes that are not covered by Vrbo’s agreements with the state, as well as any taxes due from bookings made outside of the Vrbo platform, according to the company.

Airdna said short-term rental companies saw a more stable average daily rate throughout the pandemic than their hotel competitors.

“We took the timeframe of the pandemic to really refine [the partnership] because we knew that there had been, obviously, a significant decrease in the travel industry overall – especially at the beginning of the pandemic – to make sure that we were really in a good place as the travel restrictions ease,” Knudsen said.

Knudsen also said that there is a surge of property owners using their extra property or space as a second form of income. She said this partnership will allow property owners to focus exclusively on the property itself.

“It’s a very seamless process for the property owners,” Knudsen said. “They really don’t have to worry about [the process]. The application for licenses and registrations can be convoluted and a little bit cumbersome as can be the tax return preparation.”

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