ReverseVision LOS added to new Constellation Mortgage Solutions product suite

New brand will offer ReverseVision and Mortgage Builder LOS systems

After its acquisition by Constellation Software earlier this year, reverse mortgage loan origination system (LOS) provider ReverseVision is making a move again to become further embedded into the product ecosystem of its new parent company.

Prompted by its 2019 acquisition of forward mortgage LOS provider Mortgage Builder (MB), the company announced MB’s rebranding as Constellation Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (CMS) in an effort to better represent a host of products it will offer across the broader mortgage ecosystem.

ReverseVision’s place under the new brand was emphasized by the company as a component of a consolidated suite of product offerings, according to statements from the company issued on Monday.

“As Constellation Mortgage Solutions, the company will build on more than twenty years of tradition providing innovative mortgage technology solutions and best-in-class service for residential lenders and the consumers they serve,” the announcement said. “Following Constellation Software Inc.’s acquisitions of Mortgage Builder in 2019 and ReverseVision earlier in 2022, the new unified brand brings new life, opportunity and growth to a collective team and mission, with a commitment to advance the shifting digital mortgage landscape.”

ReverseVision was mentioned by CMS President Stephen Ryczek as a key component in the offerings from the consolidated brand.

Stephen Ryczek, president of CMS which offers ReverseVision.
Stephen Ryczek

“We are proud of the innovative vision we’ve cultivated over the last three years, the exclusive integrations we’ve secured for our customers, and strategic growth through acquisitions like industry leader, ReverseVision in February,” Ryczek said. “The transition from Mortgage Builder to Constellation Mortgage Solutions allows us to strategically offer additional best in class technology solutions and partnerships for independent mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions, while moving toward the Constellation brand family.”

In addition to announcing the rebranding, all of the associated products have also received specific branding under the CMS banner. The “ReverseVision LOS” product, as described by the company, stands alongside both the Mortgage Builder LOS and the Mortgage Builder Loan Servicing System (LSS) as the three key products offered by CMS.

Existing ReverseVision staff will report to Ryczek due to his position as general manager of Constellation Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (CMSI) and as president of CMS. Certain management and support roles across all the brands will be blended in the weeks to come, while multiple areas of the existing ReverseVision organization will continue to operate as they currently do.

The CMS sales team will add ReverseVision’s product suite to the CMS enterprise offering, and CMS will assume responsibility for marketing ReverseVision according to a company official.

ReverseVision announced its acquisition by Constellation Software in February. The acquisition includes the components of ReverseVision’s full product suite including its core platform, ReverseVision Exchange (RVX), RVDOC Composer (RVDOC) which provides compliant reverse mortgage documents, and ReverseVision Sales Accelerator (RVSA) which includes loan modeling and comparison tools.

The company also serves “100%” of reverse mortgage investors, according to the February sale announcement.

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