IBIS Releases New HECM Counseling Protocol Tool for Loan Officers


IBIS announced the release of, a tool designed to help individual reverse mortgage loan officers follow the new HECM counseling protocols introduced earlier this year.

Similar to ReversePackage, the new tool allows loan officers to customize exactly what they’re offering consumers.

“We weren’t expecting that loan officers in one company would want to show products different than their colleagues,” said Jerry Wagner, CEO of IBIS. “We had hundreds of folks all wanting different settings.”

RMQuote provides originators the ability to set their own default products, rates, margins and fees as well as additional CRM features to help communicate with clients prior to their counseling session.  The tool also creates personalized sandboxes unique to each client that comply with HUD and individual state rules related to reverse mortgages.

Once the pre-counseling package is created, loan officers can email borrowers the information or print it out and mail it directly.  According to IBIS, the package also previews the FIT questionnaire to ensure clients won’t be surprised at some of the questions asked during the session.  When clients contact the counselor, they can provide the unique record locator in the package to discuss the products previously discussed with the borrower.

“Early adopters of RMQuote are thrilled by the fact that they are not tied down by an aggregator’s software to issue quotes to their clients,” said Wagner.  “Loan officers don’t have to make an early decision on to whom they want to sell the loan.  They can now focus on offering more product choices to their clients through this unified RMQuote system.”

IBIS told RMD it’s providing the service for free until the end of the year to receive user feedback.  Starting in January, they will charge a per seat fee that will range from $20-$50.  IBIS has provided RMD with its own username and password for readers to try out the new service.  See below for login information.

Login: rmd55

PW: rmd5533

Head over to to try it out.

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