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Eric Simon, the Broke Agent, to speak at

Join us for a live virtual happy hour Q&A

The HW+ community is supposed to be a place of support and collaboration, so I am going to start with some honesty here. This article started out with this… 

And I am really hoping I am not alone! Surprisingly, the word “meme” isn’t that new at all and dates back to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’ 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” However, the way we use “meme” today is drastically different from the word he originally coined. 

The new definition according to Merriam-Webster, which was unveiled in 2015, is “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media.”

Fast forward to today and memes are an everyday part of our lives. They capture how we’re feeling, what’s happening around us and do what comedy does best – bring people together over laughter. 

Given that Google search listed above, we’re excited to have Eric Simon, better known by his social media handle The Broke Agent, join us as our featured guest for HousingWire’s virtual happy hour after we wrap up day one of the summit. 

Simon is the founder and CEO of The Broke Agent, which is a media brand focused on the entertainment of real estate professionals. 

Pause for laughs (these are pulled from @TheBrokeAgent Instagram account). 

Simon started his comedic journey at The Laugh Factory comedy club, working in marketing. But, like many people, his path eventually had to pivot, and he became a licensed real estate agent.  

As he sat at empty open houses, he craved a comedic outlet to unleash his inner monologue that came with the experiences, and The Broke Agent was born.  

From how to connect with your audience to understanding how to stay on top of social media trends in a fast-changing environment, this happy hour Q&A at should finally help you answer those fun but awkward questions. For example, do you need to get a tik tok?

We’re clearly still learning this meme world. So grab a glass and join us from some laughs!

Register here for on June 11-12.

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