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Home appraisal’s ugly history and uncertain future

This is Part I of a deep dive into the home appraisal industry. Today we explore the origins of the appraisal industry and its current lack of diversity.

The digital journey starts at acquisition

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DIY projects to increase your home value

Do-it-yourself projects surge during pandemic

In the past year, there’s been an upturn in home improvement projects. According to a survey completed by Bid-On-Equipment, 89% of American homeowners made some sort of improvement to their homes during the pandemic. 58% of those individuals did the work themselves. With so many American’s spending time at home, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, what else are people supposed to do if not DIY?

But DIY projects aren’t just a way to kill time, they can also drastically increase a home’s property value. Bid-On-Equipment analyzed over 2,700 Google search terms to find exactly what types of home improvement projects were the most popular. Here’s what they discovered:

  • 86% of projects focused on the exterior
  • 45% of projects focused on the bathroom(s)
  • 43% of projects focused on the kitchen
  • 38% of projects focused on the living room
  • 21% of projects focused on the dining room

But out of these DIY projects, which ones will actually increase a home’s value? 

Sure, home improvement projects like adding an extra room and completely refurbishing the interior will increase the price tag. But you might not have the budget, or know-how, to pull that off. Don’t worry, these few projects are easy, budget-friendly and will increase your home’s value so that when you’re ready to sell, you’ll get more bang for your buck: 

Add Storage

One of the most desirable home features is storage. Chances are, even if your home has an ample amount of storage, it could use more. Installing extra shelves in the bedroom, creating new storage spaces in the garage or adding a cabinet in the kitchen are cost-effective ways to increase home value. 

Update Primary Bedroom and Bathroom

The primary bedroom and bathroom are big-ticket items for potential buyers. This bedroom is usually the largest bedroom in the house and is typically connected to a full bathroom.

To update this part of the house, consider adding extra seating in the bedroom. For example, a bench or chair. You could also paint the ceiling or create a two-tone wall for a more dramatic effect. Adding a custom vanity in your bathroom could also increase desirability. 

Paint the Cabinets

Cabinets typically dull over time. Not to mention, styles evolve as the years go by. Repainting your cabinets is an easy way to modernize your kitchen, without breaking the bank. In addition to painting the cabinets, you might also want to consider swapping outdated cabinet handles with new ones. 

By choosing the right DIY project, you can make your home more alluring so that when it’s time to sell, you walk away with a good chunk of change.

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