Notarize, an online notarization company, announced it rolled out a new update that will eliminate all manual processes in creating an online closing. 

The company already broke ground earlier this year when it introduced the first eClosing that borrowers can complete remotely, with a notary not having to physically be present.

Compared to the previous option that requires either some in-person contact or a notary to eSign closing documents via a shared tablet, the company’s solution allows borrowers to FaceTime or Skype with the notary.

According to the company’s latest announcement, Notarize Mortgage API is now live and allows users to integrate directly with their LOS or other systems to create fully digital online closings.

Up until this point, while the industry has boasted a fully online digital mortgage, it has struggled when it came to the closing process, bringing everything out of the digital world.

Rather than upload the closing files into the system by hand and manually organizing them, LOS systems can integrate with Notarize Mortgage API to order a closing automatically. Users can then click a button in the existing tools to offer borrowers an online closing.

Other new features include:

  • Users can add or modify a full document package
  • Track real-time status
  • Receive fully executed closing documents immediately

Notarize added that this update falls in line with its previously announced integration with ResWare, now making all sides of the closing fully automated. Through the previous integration, title agents can offer borrowers an online closing through their existing tools and as part of their current workflows in ResWare.

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