As the White House in Washington prepares for a new resident later on this year, a smaller version is now available for in Texas.

Although we don’t know if it will be Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or some other candidate moving into the White House, we now know that you don’t have to be a president to live in a White House setting.

In Morgan’s point, a small town in southern Texas, a smaller waterfront mansion is being built, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is a replica of the white house, although it is smaller at 21,000 square feet.

It is a small town with only a few hundred people on Galveston bay, but it is only 25 miles outside of Houston. It is being listed at $5.9 million. It is made of limestone, and was built in the 1920s by one-term Gov. Ross Sterling, according to orthopedic surgeon and owner Marcos Masson.

This may be worth looking in to for those who want to live like a president, and who knows, perhaps one of the presidential candidates will stop by for a visit. 

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