The next wave of servicing regulation is coming – Are you ready?

Join this webinar to learn what servicers need to know about recent and upcoming servicing compliance regulations and strategies experts are implementing to prepare for servicing regulatory audits.

Inside Look: RealTrends 2021 Brokerage Compensation Study

Steve Murray, senior advisor to RealTrends, gives an exclusive first look at the 2021 RealTrends Brokerage Compensation Report.

Logan Mohtashami on trends in forbearance exits

In this episode of HousingWire Daily, Logan Mohtashami discusses several hot topics in the housing market, including recent trends in forbearance exits and future homebuyer demand in the midst of inventory shortages.

How lenders can prepare for increasing regulatory pressures

As compliance becomes an increased focal point for mortgage lenders and investors, staying ahead of state and federal regulations can be the difference between a flourishing business and one mired in fines.


Marketing to reach a diverse audience

HousingWire Editor-In-Chief, Sarah Wheeler, sits down with Jake Fehling, Keosha Burns, and Teressa Lurk as they share some of the ways attendees can grow a diverse audience portfolio.

Here is a small preview of the session, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Sarah Wheeler: At the top of the marketing funnel, how are you reaching these different buyer groups?

Jake Fehling: Just to go back to “Grab the Key.” You know, for us, when we put together this video — and Keosha, I’m so glad to hear you say that it’s not a competitive thing, right. We’re in such a competitive industry. And we talked about being, you know, being competitors all the time. But at the end of the day, the reason we put that video out, without our name on it, was for that sole reason. We hope that everyone can use this video. Now, of course, we’ve since put our name on it. But the reason that we do that is for that very reason, Sarah. It is so that we can empower our loan officers who maybe don’t have all the facts.

Sarah Wheeler: What are some things you guys are doing to address the education part?.

Teressa Lurk: I think education is certainly key. I think that Keosha has highlighted some of the myths and things that we need to overcome, you know, kind of surrounding the home-buying process that are hugely important for us to make strides. You know, I would also commend a lot of our member companies, who are really, really being active in this space of educating consumers, not only on the mortgage process — I mean, we’ve seen some initiatives that have even delved farther down into financial literacy at the high school level, where we really want to set the foundation about what this looks like before you get to college and get into the credit card debt or the student loan debt. Many of our companies have really taken this to get hold of financial literacy as an initiative, which then feeds into the idea of education around the mortgage process.

Keosha Burns: One of the things that we have launching in the next few weeks is a new podcast. People listen to podcasts all day, but you know, really kind of leaning into infotainment. People need to want to listen. But it’s intentionally diverse. We have this amazing host, who usually hosts shows on Apple Music, who really knows how to engage an audience. And it’s on a subject that I think people can relate to. We’re talking to a slew of different buyers that have different issues. Certainly a diverse set of experts. It’s not a Chase commercial. You may hear our name one time in the entire episode, that was not the intention. The intention is to educate people and to show all of these different groups of people who all seem to have questions that all relate to one another.

Watch the full session below. To go back to the full HousingWire on demand summit, go here.


  • Jake Fehling, Vice President of Marketing, Movement
  • Keosha Burns, Executive Director, Chase
  • Teressa Lurk, Vice President of Marketing and Design Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Sarah Wheeler, Editor in Chief, HousingWire

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