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An inside look at HOUSINGWIRE Magazine’s first issue

HW readers have heard us say again and again that there won’t be a magazine quite like HOUSINGWIRE Magazine when it launches in late August of this year. To back that sort of talk up, we thought you might be interested see what we’re working to cook up for the very first issue. You’ll note that the focus is very different than the daily insight we deliver (for free!) online; and that’s by design. We’ll also be providing some cool data that isn’t really available elsewhere, thanks to the support of some amazing firms in both the primary and secondary mortgage markets. If you haven’t already subscribed, click here to subscribe today! Or just click that huge button over there.

Right now, we’re offering a subscription through the end of 2009 — that’s next year — for $149. FEATURES Cover Story: Gold Rush, or Fool’s Gold? A look at the influx of hedge funds and other investors rushing into a distressed mortgage space that could represent a $1 trillion market over the next two years. What does it mean for the future of mortgage banking, and for any recovery in the housing and mortgage markets? Other features will include a look at a lawsuit pending against default outsourcing giant Fidelity National Information Systems, as well as a look at how basic risk management practices failed to tip originators off to coming problems in the mortgage market. We’ll also explore the under-appreciated but critical connection between oil and mortgages, and take an inside look at the rise of REO auctions. COLUMNS The Kitchen Sink, authored by 20 year MBS/ABS market veteran Linda Lowell The future of securitization // With all of the market turmoil now wreaking havoc on financial markets, many are predicting the demise of private-party market securitization. A look at what really lies ahead, including new financial options and possible sea changes in accounting that will change the face of securitization. Beyond Binary, authored by well-known mortgage tech writer Rick Grant Out from the shadows // Default technology has long lived in the shadows of the mortgage banking industry, relegated to second-man status during the housing boom as loan origination technology hogged the spotlight. A look at a side of the industry that is finally getting its own turn to shine, and at a critical time for the nation’s economy, too. Other columns will look at local housing trends, as well as dive into the financials of a key bank to discern how mortgages are hitting the bottom line. REGULAR DEPARTMENTS: Primary Markets We’ll explore how some execs from failed lenders are reinventing themselves, and where they see the market headed next; we’ll also look at luxury homes and the burgeoning foreclosure crisis, bring hard numbers to an as-of-yet unexplored aspect of the nation’s housing mess. Secondary Markets Are REITs an endangered species? We’ll look at what market trends means for REITs and whether the structure still makes sense in the current mortgage and credit environment. We’ll also delve into just who is the real arbiter of credit in the current housing market (hint: it isn’t the GSEs). Servicing and Default Investors are paying close attention to collateral risk these days, but there are areas that still have yet to be explored by Wall Street; in our inaugural issue, we’ll offer critical insight into one new area driving up loss severity for most investors. We’ll also take an inside look at the life of an REO broker — it’s not for the faint of heart!

Intrigued? Subscribe to HOUSINGWIRE Magazine today through the end of 2009 — that’s next year — for $149.

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