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[Pulse] Hey real estate agents and mortgage LOs, here are 12 scripts that will get a lead’s attention

Forget the phone call, it's all about the text

Data now shows that texting your leads first and calling them only as a follow-up to the text is the best way to respond to your real estate and mortgage leads.

We are not the same society we were three years ago. We’ve been trained well by Amazon and Netflix. We want everything to be convenient and on-demand.

So when a lead comes in, text them! Ask if it’s a good time to talk, or if they prefer to text. Then, only after you send that text, give them a call if they haven’t responded.

Don’t believe me? That’s cool, I get it. But you should definitely take Agentology’s word for it. They’re the No. 1 real estate lead response service out there, working for Realtors and soon, for mortgage loan originators, too.

Agentology used to call leads first as a matter of protocol, but over time, their data was pointing to a better option: texting first. When they looked at the lead response data they received, and saw what was more effective at getting the lead to respond, they switched tactics to texting first and only calling as a follow-up.

What to say?

Below you’ll find 12 different text message scripts that work extremely well for real estate agents and loan officers.

Remember, you’re not trying to get them to fill out an application or sign a Buyer Broker agreement right off the bat. Pump the brakes! All you’re trying to do is to get them to respond to you, to get a dialogue going.

Keep it short, ask a question that’s easy to respond to, and start a laid-back, helpful “textversation” with a potential new client.

These text scripts will work for a number of different types of leads: brand new leads, prospects, and for all those “cold leads” that you let fall through the cracks months ago.

But first, here are some rules of thumb:

Personalize the text with their name while also introducing yourself. If you don’t introduce yourself, you run the risk of being a weirdo sending the equivalent of a random Facebook Poke. Or even worse, the always charming “hey” text from an unknown number. Anonymous texting = no bueno, you creepy weirdo.

Keep it simple. Ask one easy-to-answer question and leave the door open for them to respond.

Be casual. Use an emoji or two. Throw in a smiley. If you sound too stiff and proper, it doesn’t feel authentic, and they may just ignore it.


If you don’t already have one, find a CRM that has the ability to mass text a large group of contacts at once. Seriously. Being able to send mass texts via your CRM is such a great tool, and there’s no excuse to not have that ability in 2019. (I recommend Wise Agent.)

Persist. If they don’t respond after 10 minutes, send a follow-up “let me know” text to remind them to respond. Sometimes, people just get too busy, or they’re in the middle of something. This can serve as a gentle reminder to reply. 

12 text scripts to live by

Use your imagination here with these, and don’t totally ignore a text because the example is written for an agent, and you’re an LO. In most cases you can change the message a smidge and it will still apply.

For new leads:

Hey what’s up [FIRST NAME]? Thanks for requesting some info about our interest rates on our website. Have you ever bought a home before?

Hey [FIRST NAME], I see you were checking out homes for sale in [AREA]. Are you only focused on [AREA], or are you open to checking out other nearby areas as well? 

What’s up [FIRST NAME], how long have you been planning to buy a place?

How's it going, [FIRST NAME]? Thanks for searching for homes on our website, [WEBSITE NAME]. Are you looking for an actual home, or a townhouse or condo?

Hey [FIRST NAME], thanks for checking out our [WEBSITE/FB PAGE/WHATEVER]. Have you ever applied for a home loan before?

For property-specific inquiries:

Hey [FIRST NAME]. Thanks for reaching out about [PROPERTY]. I actually have an opening at [DATE & TIME] to show you the home. Will that work for you, or is another time better?

For prospects:

[FIRST NAME], I just came across 4 homes that fit what you’ve been looking for. Do you have some time to go take a look at them on [DATE]?” 

Hey there [FIRST NAME], we are just about to list a couple new homes on the MLS that may fit what you're looking for. Do you have time tomorrow or Wednesday to take a look before they hit the MLS? 

Hey [FIRST NAME], I'm just working on your home valuation. Real quick, have you done any remodeling or improvements to your house since you bought it?

Old leads:

Hey [FIRST NAME], are you still looking for a home to buy in [AREA]? – [YOUR NAME AND COMPANY]

Hey [FIRST NAME], are you still doing your research on home loans, or have you bought a place already?  – [YOUR NAME AND COMPANY]

Hey there [FIRST NAME], do you still need to sell your house? I actually have a buyer looking for a similar home in your area. 

How one text led to eight appointments

In closing, I’ll leave you with a true story that might inspire you to get started on a texting campaign.

Recently, I sent a single text to about 400 old leads that were sitting in my CRM. Some were over a year old, some just a few months old, but they were not being contacted regularly for whatever reason. They were just siting there, sad and lonely.

So I sent a mass text asking if they were still looking to buy a house. Of those approximately 400 leads, 73 responded, 26 said they still plan to buy or sell at some point, and eight appointments were set.

I’ve already closed a few of those deals that I brought back to lift with that one random text.

Not a bad ROI, eh?

Shoot me a DM @massiveagent on Instagram and let me know how these texts are working for you!

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