As founder and CEO of SocialSurvey, Scott Harris utilized his experience in real estate, mortgage and technology development to launch his team into success.

Harris, a visionary thinker, has led the company to deliver services for thousands of loan officers at over 130 lenders.Vanguard logo

Scott HarrisIn 2018, as consumers become increasingly interested in lender reputation, reviews of loan officers and lenders have become more critical than ever before.

SocialSurvey has made collecting and sharing testimonials and reviews easy for thousands of loan officers at over 130 lenders. This past year, SocialSurvey closed deals with 72 lenders, comprising over 11,000 mortgage loan officers. The explosive success is a testament to Harris’ undisputed leadership.

Not only has Harris cultivated an amazing company culture and team, but he has also built fantastic industry relationships.  Harris brings investors and influencers together, creating relationships with many vendors and trade groups.

Harris is focused on people and relationships. he is excellent at bringing his team together for a common goal. His talents are also in building fantastic industry relationships.

Notably, the company plans to expand its client base in the real estate industry, partnering with big names like Zillow. SocialSurvey is also building a team to mark its entrance into the insurance agency sector, spurring its goal to reach 300,000 users by the end of 2021.

Planning, refining, tweaking the product has led SocialSurvey to the point where it it today. Harris is the visionary for all of this.

What has been your secret to success?

“SocialSurvey’s success is due to our attention to detail, focus on the customer, and building an awesome team that truly cares about the success of the customer.”

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