Hot Seat: Jason McNamara

Written by Jason McNamara, as originally published in The Reverse Review.

From his first job and his favorite website to his optimism about the future of the reverse mortgage market, we get the facts from Jason McNamara, chief executive officer of Celink.

Ten years from now I’ll still be younger than Al Benedetti. Unfortunately, I’ll still be older than Ryan LaRose.

If I were a professional athlete, I would be a hockey player. I have played and coached ice hockey for more than 20 years.

My first car was a 1978 GMC pickup. I bought it for $500. It was a little rusty but it had a good engine that sounded cool. I sold it two years later for $750.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done was talk Jim Mahoney out of using his BlackBerry.

My favorite movie is anything with Fred Thompson, especially the one that starts, “So, you might have heard about a reverse mortgage.”

My favorite website is

When I was younger I wanted to be a mortgage banker. I’m kidding—I wanted to be a cowboy, like every other boy.

Every morning I tell my kids to have a great day, and when I’m not traveling, I make them breakfast.

I can’t go without my wife, Melinda. She has been my best friend since childhood.

When I was a kid, I told my dad I really wanted a red car. He told

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me that if I worked hard enough, long enough, I could buy a car in whatever color I wanted.

I’ll never forget all the people who have helped me be successful in my career.

My celebrity crush is Carrie Underwood—she likes hockey players.

My first job was working on our family dairy farm in Wisconsin. My salary was exactly the same as it was for my first job in the reverse mortgage industry.

Something nobody knows about me is that I have a United States patent for the personalized URL. Yes, the same personalized URL used by Facebook and many others to deliver personalized content over the Web.

My favorite time of the day is early morning, especially when it’s a beautiful day. It’s when I’m most productive. I think it is a farmer thing.

My iPod go-to varies from Rihanna to Jason Aldean, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Johnny Cash and Fleetwood Mac.

The most memorable moment in my life was when my son and my daughter were born. It gave me purpose that I had never felt before.

For success I have sacrificed many great sportfishing days on the Pacific.

The worst purchase I’ve ever made was a gym membership in Southern California—I felt bad if I didn’t use it and worse if I did.

The best purchase I’ve ever made was Celink, of course!

I am optimistic about the reverse mortgage industry because it is a great opportunity for the public and private sector to demonstrate how they can work together to solve a big problem and enable the pursuit of happiness.

I entered this industry because I like to solve complex problems and create new markets through innovation, marketing and partnerships.

Industry growth is dependent upon offering a broader range of quality senior housing finance products that will attract more homeowners to our market.

The most important influence technology will have on reverse mortgages is the education of our potential customers and partners and the reach of our market.

I would encourage a family member to consider a reverse mortgage because home equity is an asset that needs to be accounted for in every retirement plan.

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