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Inspirato enters luxury single-family home market

The hospitality brand is adding luxury vacation homes to its portfolio

Inspirato is making the jump into the single-family rental realm/ownership with a new business arm, Inspirato Real Estate.

Up until now, Inspirato has been in the hospitality business, but now it is creating a portfolio of luxury vacation homes. It is marketing homes as rental investments within its portfolio for people who are looking to buy a vacation home but are hesitant for fear of losing money on the home or never using it.

"If you're thinking about buying a luxury vacation home, you typically have three main worries: you won't use it enough, it will become a money pit, and managing it will become a second job," Inspirato CEO Brent Handler said in a statement.

"Inspirato Real Estate is the only platform that solves each of these objections. We find you the perfect home, lease it to provide fixed rental income, manage it 24/7, and give you access to both your own property and over 300 additional residences around the world," he added.

Inspirato said it also offers a number of optional benefits for the luxury homebuyers including:

  • A five-year lease with Inspirato that provides fixed rental income and pays almost all costs on the home.
  • 24/7 full-service property management, which includes marketing, booking, guest services, housekeeping, bill payment, and maintenance.
  • Complimentary owner use at various times throughout the year, with early booking access and discounted rates at other times.
  • Membership benefits including preferred booking access to Inspirato's $1 billion collection of luxury vacation homes.

Inspirato said it will also help luxury homeowners within their portfolio sell their homes through select real estate professionals.

3d rendering of a row of luxury townhouses along a street

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