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ATTOM Data Solutions: Home sales to buyers with Chinese last names increased by more than 20% in 2017

The top eight surnames by percent increase in home purchases were of Chinese origin

Homebuyers with names of Chinese origin outbought and outborrowed all other ethnicities in 2017 in terms of percent increase, according to data analysis from ATTOM Data Solutions.

Home sales to people with the last names of Lin, Zhang, Wu, Liu and Huang increased by more than 20% while the rest of the nation’s homebuying decreased by 4% overall. The top eight hottest buyer last names of 2017 were of Chinese origin, the ninth and tenth were Korean and Vietnamese. Homebuyers with the last names Burns, Jenkins, Cole and Porter posted 15% or more decreases.

To get this data, ATTOM looked at 2.3 million single-family home sales’ deeds to determine the hottest names based on the percentage they increased by in home purchases, and then looked for those names’ origins on See the graph below for more details, and check out the article for interactive data broken down by state.

Family tree of hottest homebuyer names in 2017

(Courtesy of ATTOM Data Solutions)

Hottest homebuyer family names by state

(Courtesy of ATTOM Data Solutions)

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