HUD giving $37 million to fair housing groups to fight housing discrimination

Grants provided to more than 150 organizations

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is providing $37 million to more than 150 fair housing organizations to fund those groups’ fight against housing discrimination.

According to HUD, the money will allow the groups to provide fair housing enforcement through testing in the rental and sales markets, to file fair housing complaints with HUD, and to conduct investigations.

Additionally, the organizations also conduct education and outreach activities that help educate the public, housing providers, and local governments about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

“Every person deserves a fair chance to live in a neighborhood free from discrimination,” HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in a statement. “The funds announced today will allow our fair housing partners on the ground to combat housing discrimination and ensure every person has equal access to housing.”

According to HUD, the money will be allocated in the form of three different types of grant, including:

Education and Outreach Initiative grants  – $7.45 million to organizations that educate the public and housing providers about their rights and responsibilities under federal law. The grants can also support state and local organizations that enforce fair housing laws that are equivalent to the federal Fair Housing Act

Fair Housing Organizations Initiative – $500,000 to help build the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit fair housing organizations, particularly organizations that focus on the rights and needs of underserved groups, such as rural and immigrant populations

Private Enforcement Initiative grants – A total of $30.35 million to organizations that conduct intake, testing, investigation and litigation of fair housing complaints under the Fair Housing Act

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