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Bloomberg blog: Frustrated homeowners look to Trump for leadership

Do they like his policies or his anger?

Many frustrated homeowners placed their bets with Donald Trump, yet it would seem they are banking more on his criticism of Washington than on his actual housing policy, according to a blog by Michael Bender for Bloomberg Politics.

Trump may be best positioned for voters still dealing with foreclosures or underwater mortgages across the Midwest, according to the blog.

From the blog:

“Trump’s messaging has a lot more appeal with the folks I deal with, who were victimized by the housing market, because there is a perception that Hillary has made book with the folks on Wall Street,” Dann said. “There’s a lot of misplaced anger. But people aren’t picking up the nuances here. They’re pissed. And who represents pissed?”

The blog goes on to explain why, if voters knew Trump's stance during the housing crisis, they may not be so quick to take his side.

From the blog:

"While Hillary Clinton was standing up for homeowners, Donald Trump was actively rooting for the housing market to crash and the economy to tank so he could cash in on the suffering of families being thrown out of their homes," Clinton campaign spokesman Zac Petkanas told Bloomberg Politics in an e-mail. "Voters deserve to know that the only person Donald Trump is looking out for is Donald Trump."

So far, Trump's Ohio backers have looked past the housing issue — and also his founding of Trump Mortgage, which opened during the height of the bubble with a branch in Columbus, the state's capital city, according to state records.

Instead, they are drawn to the anger he has reflected over international trade deals, which Trump warns are helping nations like China and Mexico to get the better of the United States.

But who did homebuyers nominate as the best candidate for housing, according to a survey by Redfin in June? No one. Actually “Other,” won the most votes at 28%, followed by Bernie Sanders, who was still in the race at the time, Hillary Clinton and then Donald Trump.

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