American Advisors Group, a reverse mortgage lender, named Tom Selleck, winner of Emmy and Golden Globe awards, as its new national spokesman.

Currently, stars as Commissioner Frank Reagan in CBS’s series Blue Bloods. He also stars in the movie Jesse Stone, based on novels by Robert B. Parker.

The AAG will now begin a new multi-faceted marketing campaign including ads, a new AAG tagline and updated collateral. Although the campaign may be new, the agenda is the same: to educate older Americans, their family members and caregivers on reverse mortgage loans that can help with financial stability in retirement.

“Our research reinforced the widespread recognition and respect that Tom Selleck has garnered among Americans and crosses generations,” AAG Chief Creative Officer Teague McGrath said. “We believe he is the best candidate for the job and we’re thrilled to have him on board.”

After former Senator, actor and AAG spokesman Fred Thompson passed away, the AAG spent months finding his replacement.

“I am pleased and proud to be working with AAG,” Selleck said. “It was, after all, Fred Thompson who sparked my interest in reverse mortgages. I strongly believe that it is important for many Americans 62 and older, and just as importantly for their families, to know that a reverse mortgage can help them stay in their homes without giving up their ownership


But Selleck (pictured, above) is not just an actor, he is also a U.S. Army veteran. He served in the 160th Infantry of the California Army National Guard from 1967 to 1973. Since then, he has worked in several areas on behalf of veterans.

In 1967, congress awarded Selleck the Horizon Award, an award presented to those in the private sector who contributed to expanding opportunities for all Americans through their own personal contributions, and have set exceptional examples for the younger generations through their success in life.

In addition, Selleck is a board member of the Josephson Institute of Ethics, and the national spokesman for the Character Counts Coalition.

“It’s critical we partner with a spokesperson that older homeowners trust and with whom they feel a connection,” AAG CEO Reza Jahangiri said.

“I am confident that Tom, with his stature and credibility, will greatly assist us in continuing the conversation about the importance of home equity in retirement planning,” Jahangiri said. “He has been a welcome guest in American households for nearly 50 years and his record of service speaks for itself. We’re proud he’s part of the team.”

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