Radius financial group helps launch MBA Opens Doors in Massachusetts

Helps families pay their rent or mortgage while child is in critical care

Mortgage lender radius financial group is partnering with the Mortgage Bankers Association to launch the Opens Doors Foundation in Massachusetts, supporting families who have children at Boston’s Children’s Hospital

“This creative, generous, ongoing initiative makes it possible for Opens Doors to expand,” said Debra Still, foundation chairman and president and CEO of Pulte Mortgage. “We thank, Sarah, Keith, and the entire team at radius for their leadership and we are honored to be able to start a new relationship with Boston Children’s and provide assistance to families caring for ill or injured children there.”

Starting April 1, 2016, for every residential home loan radius financial group closes, the company will donate a total of $100 to MBA Opens Doors Foundation. The Foundation makes mortgage and rental assistance payment grants to parents and guardians with critically ill or injured children, allowing them to take unpaid leave from work and spend time together without jeopardizing their homes.

Opens Doors is currently able to pass 100% of the donations it receives on to families in need of assistance. 

“Day in and day out, we are constantly challenging ourselves to make the mortgage experience better – better for us, better for the homebuyer, better for the communities we serve,” said Sarah Ventini, radius financial group principal. “We heard about the opportunity to bring Opens Doors to Massachusetts and the decision to assist in every way imaginable was unanimous. We’re honored to help the MBA bring the program not only to Massachusetts, but to the No. 1 ranked children’s hospital in the world,” added Valentini.

According to the MBA, the Opens Doors Foundation was created to aid, nurture, and empower people and communities by developing and supporting programs that promote and defend sustainable home for American families. 

“Not only are we helping with home ownership, but we get to show and share with our clients how they can also touch someone in a time of need,” said Keith Polaski, radius financial group COO and principal. “That’s why we do what we do at radius financial group."

In MBA Vice-Chairman J. David Motley’ opening session at the the MBA’s annual mortgage servicing conference, he introduced the foundation. Motley played a clip of several families who have been helped by the program, which was moving by itself, but the epilogue revealed that one of the girls featured in the video, who had been in recovery at the time, had since passed. The MBA foundation had allowed her parents to take time off work to care for her in the hospital and during her treatment without worrying about how they would pay their mortgage.

[UPDATE March 29: The story has been updated to reflect that radius will donate to the Opens Doors Foundation, which supports families with critically ill children, rather than radius donating directly to the families.]  

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