Membership levels at California credit unions are surging as more individuals across the state opt for “consumer owned banking,” the California Credit Union League said.

According to the report, more than 10.4 million individuals are now members of credit unions headquartered in the state, which is up nearly 500,000, or 5%, from the year before.

There is a total of 348 credit unions are headquartered in California, and the increase is happening across the state, with credit unions in many of the state’s regions collectively experiencing record highs in membership.

Credit unions also broke levels in other areas, recording that from fourth-quarter 2014 to fourth-quarter 2015, loans hit a record $99.3 billion (increasing 14.8%).

Mortgages, home equity lines of credit, autos and business lending drove the increase.

Deposits reached a record $138.3 billion, rising 8.9%, which was driven by checking, savings, and money market accounts.