Productivity is more important than ever, especially in the mortgage industry where productivity is essential to success. On the positive side, like most skills, it can be honed, MGIC digital marketing program specialist Ben Smidt explained in a recent blog post for MGIC.

Here are 3 tips from Smidt on how to be more productive in the mortgage industry, along with some examples For the full story, visit his blog here.

1. When you’re present, be present

As a busy mortgage professional, being present when you’re present translates to improved productivity at work. Next time you are with a customer, really try to be engaged with them.

For example:

Turn the phone ringer off. Listen to what they have to say, pay attention to your body language and thoughtfully address concerns they may have.

2. Answer emails in chunks of time

This concept of productivity transcends all industries. It is more about allocating the time to complete what needs to get done within the confines of a given workday.

For example:

Next time you schedule out your day, try balancing uninterrupted work sessions with chunks of time to address email and other notifications.

3. Find quiet time for reflection

Consider blocking an afternoon each week to take a more relaxed and focused approach to how you can better yourself.

For example:

This might mean an afternoon jog or walk, taking a class focused in an area of interest, or just spending time away from the immediate needs of work.

Technology can also help you optimize your time at work. Whether you're rushing between showing prospective buyers a home or organizing all the paperwork you need to complete your borrower’s loan application, one, or maybe more, of these applications could be the key ingredient in getting you to your goals faster.

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