1. What was the name of the original plantation before George Washington’s father changed it to Mount Vernon?

2. How many rooms are in Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello?

3. How many gallons of paint does it require to keep the White House white?

4. How long did Abe and Mary Lincoln live in their Springfield home?

5. The house Paul Revere lived in when he took his historic ride in 1775 was originally a what?

6. How many of Ben Franklin’s original homes are still standing?

7. How many generations of Adamses lived at the historic Old House at Peace Field, including two first ladies?

8. Where is the oldest house in America? Bonus points — when was it built?



1. Little Hunting Creek Plantation

2. 43

3. 570 gallons

4. 17 years

5. Church

6. One, the one in London

7. Four generations

8. Fairbanks House, Dedham Mass. in 1637