B2R Finance launches first multi-borrower single-family rental securitization

Consists of $230 million aggregate balance

B2R Finance, a lender for single-family residential rental property investors, announced the first multi-borrower SFR securitization transaction in the industry.

The new transaction is expected to consist of $230 million aggregate principal balance pass-through certificates rated by at least two rating agencies and backed by 144 mortgage loans.

The loans consist of various properties, including single-family residential properties, two- to four-unit properties, condominium properties, townhomes, multifamily properties and mixed-use properties.

The subordinate classes will be acquired by an affiliate of B2R Finance.

“B2R is pioneering the first securitization of residential investor mortgages in the U.S. to grow its platform, increase the amount of capital available to our clients and enable us to continue our leadership position in growing the asset class,” said Jason Hogg, CEO, B2R Finance.

The transaction is expected to close in April 2015.