Is Paul Krugman leaving Princeton in quiet disgrace?

Forbes hints the answer is 'yes'

Forbes contributor Ralph Benko jumps on the Paul Krugman-bashing bandwagon by penning an article that hints Krugman's departure from his Princeton position is less-than-ideal.

Krugman, who is still penning economic thunder for the New York Times, left his position at the university as professor of economics and international affairs.

Benko cites two sources that seem to indicate Krugman left his position in disgrace.

The first is Krugman being "thoroughly indicted and publicly eviscerated for intellectual dishonesty by Harvard’s Niall Ferguson in a hard-hitting three-part series in the Huffington Post, beginning here, and with a coda in Project Syndicate, all summarized at"

The second is shortly after Krugman’s departure was announced no less than the revered Paul Volcker, former Fed chair and Princeton alum, made a comment — subject unnamed — sounding as if directed at Prof. Krugman:

To the Daily Princetonian (later reprised by the Wall Street Journal) Volcker stated with refreshing bluntness:

"The responsibility of any central bank is price stability. … They ought to make sure that they are making policies that are convincing to the public and to the markets that they’re not going to tolerate inflation."

Krugman seems publicly unfazed by the criticism. Or is he?

His latest piece ran Sunday in the New York Times and struck a notably different tone as it dealt with health care and largely steered clear of economics and politics.

Time will tell if Krugman's resignation, and the alleged circumstances surrounding it, made him a changed man.

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