People in the housing industry get up everyday and face the absurdities inherent in their jobs and grind it out, and HousingWire is proud of every last one of you for helping drive one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in investing, finance, lending, compliance, servicing, building, selling, financial analysis or anything else – we wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. You’re awesome.

To celebrate the industry we are starting an informal weekly Friday fun feature. With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy (“You might be a redneck if…”) we are kicking off “You might be a …”

We’re starting with Realtors, but we’ll hit every job out there. In fact, we invite you to submit your own suggestions. So let the fun begin with:

You might be a Realtor if…

  1. You reach for the lockbox at your own house.
  2. Somewhere out there you know there is a Frisbee with your face on it.
  3. Saturday is your Monday.
  4. Your best work story (“I walked in and …”) is NSFW.
  5. Tardy clients are why you’re the Candy Crush champ.
  6. You want GSE reform now.
  7. Your first time buyers, armed with a Google search, will tell you they know more than you with your 20 years of experience.
  8. There are no photos of you not holding your phone.
  9. You are your own GPS.
  10. You took calls at your own wedding.
  11. Your mini-SUV has had more passengers than a NYC taxi.
  12. There is no small, old and weird. There is cozy, vintage and quaint.

Whatever you do in housing, send us your job’s quirks. Drop us an email at We’ll pick the best and include them. We can credit you or we can keep it anonymous, your choice.

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