According to an article in the Washington Post, House Republican leaders plan to push their own proposal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. The proposed deal includes a delay of the controversial medical device tax.

The proposed plan would add a two-year repeal of the medical device tax and includes a provision eliminating the employer health-care contribution for members of Congress and White House officials.

"The speaker had said this: that the House is likely to launch an initiative, as early as today, that would do a few things: essentially use the same time frames for the debt limit and the CR as in the Senate negotiations … it would strike the reinsurance tax — the $63 per head tax for the large self-insurers and the large unions," Dent said. "That would be out and would replaced with a two-year delay of the medical device tax, plus a variation of the derivative of the Vitter language, minus the congressional staff. But I think it would affect Congress and the White House and White House staff."

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