2024 Woman of Influence: Patty Arvielo

Patty Arvielo

Patty Arvielo is a trailblazing entrepreneur who has significantly impacted the mortgage industry and beyond as the co-founder and co-CEO of New American Funding (NAF), the largest Latina-owned mortgage company in the U.S. Her visionary leadership has not only propelled her company to success amidst challenging market conditions but also championed diversity, equity and inclusion, making substantial strides in homeownership for those in diverse communities.

Arvielo’s value to NAF over the past year is immeasurable, as she has led the company through a period marked by significant industry challenges, including rising interest rates and soaring home prices. Despite these hurdles, under Arvielo’s leadership, NAF has not only sustained its operations but has continued to grow, a stark contrast to many in the industry who have faced downsizing or closure. Her strategic foresight is evident in initiatives like the “Pathway to Homeownership,” which directly addresses barriers to home buying and has significantly expanded access to homeownership. This initiative, along with her ongoing commitment to service nearly all loans originated by NAF, has helped diversify the company’s revenue streams and strengthen customer loyalty — crucial factors in the company’s continued growth and success.

Arvielo’s strategic initiatives have directly impacted NAF’s market position and financial health. Her leadership in diversifying the company’s loan services and her push towards technological adoption have allowed NAF to navigate a fluctuating mortgage landscape successfully. In 2023, the company began increasing its support for the Latino community by launching nationwide empowerment events that focus on advancing diversity and increasing homeownership in the Latino community through collaboration, education and embracing cutting-edge technology to further the cause. Arvielo helped drive the creation of these events, because as a first-generation Hispanic American who has spent more than four decades in the mortgage business, she is intimately familiar with the struggles that many in diverse communities are forced to overcome if they want to own their own home.


Patty Arvielo


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Company Name:

New American Funding

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