2024 Woman of Influence: Mindy Rothenberger

Mindy Rothenberger

For the last 18 years, Mindy Rothenberger has led the Southpoint team through the mortgage industry’s ever-changing landscape. As CEO, Rothenberger’s leadership style is one of strength and perseverance as failure to succeed is not an option she ever considers. Despite a harrowing health scare last year, her hands-on approach touches every department and every associate working within the company as she successfully leads the team through challenging hurdles. 

An industry visionary, Rothenberger is armed with knowledge that has played to her favor when strategically weathering the storm. She has the ability to find a pathway when others can’t see past or over a wall. She never accepts failure as an option; therefore, the question of not succeeding is never given much light at Southpoint Financial Services. She has been able to adapt and modify processes, restrictions or guidelines to create a pathway to continue forward. While the obstacles may be large, leaving others to question survival, she seems to understand the landscape and has already found a route forward. 

Unique in her approach at times, she always reaches success. Never deterred by ego or arrogance, she is willing to listen to ideas or opinions from anyone. She is welcoming of buy-in from her team before cementing a process and keeps a positive approach while working through the challenges. This leadership style provides calm in an uncertain market.


Mindy Rothenberger


Chief Executive Officer

Company Name:

Southpoint Financial Services

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