2024 Woman of Influence: Haley Rader

Haley Rader

In less than 12 months, Ardley’s Head of Product Haley Rader has directed a project load that includes two launches (Autopilot and Navigator) and one in beta (Forecast). She consistently uses her knowledge and authority to concretely improve the lives of her team of developers, Ardley’s clients, the company itself and mortgage borrowers.

Because Rader also leads the company’s UX/UI, she has been able to influence Ardley’s technology with features that have contributed to wide product adoption and usage, exponentially increasing business for lenders and servicers, empowering millions of borrowers to enhance their financial lives, and generating strong returns that benefit company founders, owners, investors and staff. She also proactively creates a positive, supportive work environment, which attracts and retains industry-leading developers, increases output and elevates product quality.

Rader isn’t your average Head of Product. In the past 12 months, she has shepherded every product in production at Ardley, which includes two technology products launched this year and one currently in beta. She collaborates closely with chief technology officer Tim McLuckie and a team of eight developers and regularly fulfills activities that include conceptualizing new products, determining feasibility and developing road maps to bring products from idea to launch.

As a leader, Rader keeps Ardley’s product development process on track. She assures projects roll out when they’re supposed to, the way they’re supposed to. She guides visioning, implementation, user feedback and the multiple iterations each product goes through. Every product initiative stays on track because of her direction. One could say she keeps the heart of the company beating.


Haley Rader


Head of Product

Company Name:

Ardley Technologies

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