2024 Woman of Influence: Donna DelMonte

Donna DelMonte2

Donna DelMonte, the executive vice president of operations at LoanStream Mortgage, stands out as a significant contributor in the mortgage industry. Her distinction lies not only in her multifaceted role as an astute executive leader and results-oriented operations professional, boasting a track record of documented successes in overseeing mortgage, home equity and consumer lending operations, but also in her adeptness as a strategic architect. DelMonte possesses the rare ability to seamlessly translate strategic visions into actionable solutions while rigorously aligning performance with key operational objectives. She epitomizes a caliber of leadership that transcends the norm — operating in a league entirely her own — where excellence is not just a goal but an inherent standard.

A results-driven leader with an unwavering commitment to the company’s mission, DelMonte excels in communicating effectively with diverse stakeholders, inspiring them to rally behind a shared vision. Her leadership not only motivates individuals and groups to take action but also expands their horizons, fostering a deeper understanding and propelling both the company and its employees toward unparalleled success. In DelMonte’s sphere, she not only moves people forward but also broadens their scope of comprehension, ensuring that everyone reaches their highest potential.

DelMonte shines as a beacon in the mortgage industry, earning her the esteemed title of mortgage star. Her expertise encompasses a vast array of functions within the company, from crafting and implementing standard operating policies to orchestrating the seamless integration of automated systems across various applications. With a forward-thinking approach, DelMonte remains at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently embracing innovation to drive progress.


Donna DelMonte


Executive Vice President of Operations

Company Name:

LoanStream Mortgage

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