2024 Woman of Influence: Colette Stevenson

Colette Stevenson

Colette Stevenson is a trailblazing entrepreneur and thought leader in the real estate industry, renowned for spearheading transformative changes in the MLS landscape. As the founder of REsides, she introduced the revolutionary first and only MLS model offering equitable ownership for all who choose to participate. Her open-mindedness is changing the way Brokerages think about MLS and enabling strategic partnerships never before attempted with brokerages.

In 2023, she created and launched a first and only innovative tool called DataMetRE to enhance data utilization and monetize it fairly. Also, her 2023 achievements include the creation of South Carolina’s first statewide MLS portal and a new agent-centric MLS platform, driving technological advancements and fostering strategic partnerships that empower brokers and agents with actionable insights and improved efficiencies. This portal is driven by powerful CRM integration that provides a gateway for improved end-to-end connectivity and communications throughout the entire real estate ecosystem.

She made the needed MLS advancements to empower agents and brokers with actionable data that breaks artificial boundaries built by long standing beliefs that real estate data shouldn’t expand when a brokerage does. Stevenson remains diligently focused on meeting brokerages where they are on their path to success and works on investing and launching smart solutions that put the value of the listing data back in the hands of the brokers and provides avenues for an MLS to lean more to a profit center to them versus a cost center enabling REsides to go far beyond the traditional models in the industry. In addition, REsides exceeded its goals in 2023 and paid dividends a year earlier than planned.


Colette Stevenson


President & Chief Executive Officer

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