2024 Marketing Leader: Trey Rigdon

Trey Rigdon

Under Trey Rigdon’s leadership, Summit Funding’s marketing team has undergone a transformation that’s unprecedented in its over 20-year history. Rigdon’s impact is characterized by his strategic innovation and deep commitment to enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s corporate and loan officers’ marketing efforts. Over the past year, Rigdon has not only restructured Summit’s marketing team to prioritize strategic direction but has also fundamentally redefined engagement with loan officers (LOs) by shifting from a focus on delivering the next social media assets to prioritizing strategies on how to use these assets to drive action. This shift, driven by his pioneering concept of “Strategies over Assets,” emphasizes the application and impact of tools and content, rather than merely their existence. The change has significantly increased the practical value the company provides to its LOs, engaging them in profoundly effective ways that increase user adoption and engagement with marketing-provided tools.

Rigdon’s entry into Summit Funding marked the beginning of a new era of leadership and team dynamics within the company. With an exceptional ability to forge strong relationships and establish a clear and compelling vision, Rigdon has rapidly become a cornerstone of the company’s leadership structure. His approach combines high emotional intelligence with rigorous accountability measures, fostering an environment where innovative solutions thrive and where the team’s morale and productivity have soared. His ability to lead with both heart and skill makes him an undeniable asset to Summit.


Trey Rigdon


Vice President of Marketing and Branding

Company Name:

Summit Funding

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