2024 Marketing Leader: Michelle Kersch

Michelle Kersch

As Head of ICE Mortgage Technology Marketing, Michelle Kersch has led the transformation of the marketing arm since the acquisition of Black Knight. Having integrated the companies’ marketing teams, Kersch has aligned ICE Mortgage Technology’s diverse marketing functions behind a common narrative that articulates how ICE is accelerating innovation to the benefit of housing professionals and the millions of American homeowners they serve. Just as ICE has brought together the core elements of the housing finance ecosystem under one roof, Kersch has brought together talented teams of marketing professionals behind a unified strategy and vision.

An indispensable figure at ICE Mortgage Technology, Kersch’s deep understanding of the industry and leadership savvy have enabled her to perform the monumental task of unifying two diverse marketing departments under the same banner. Kersch’s three decades of industry marketing experience have been instrumental in crafting a cohesive marketing strategy post-merger and introducing messaging that resonates across the housing finance continuum.

Kersch has been critical in developing a unified message that echoes through every level of the company, ensuring that each team member, from executive to associate, is an ambassador for the company’s visionary goal of delivering an integrated, end-to-end technology ecosystem that creates experience and efficiency gains for housing professionals and homeowners.

Kersch’s unique combination of steadfast leadership, profound industry knowledge, and her ability to both envision and execute makes her a worthy model of mortgage marketing excellence.


Michelle Kersch


Head of Marketing

Company Name:

ICE Mortgage Technology

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