2024 Marketing Leader: Kristie Stegen

Kristie Stegen

As Chief Brand and Communications Officer, Kristie Stegen has had an exceptional track record of reimagining CoreLogic’s marketing function, resulting in a 14 percent increase in team engagement within six months. She led the successful launch of a new mission, vision and values centered around customer-centricity, and played a pivotal role in cultivating a new, inclusive culture aimed at making CoreLogic a premier workplace in the industry and beyond.

Stegen has been exceptionally valuable to her team over the past year. Her empathetic leadership style has fostered a supportive and inclusive work environment, increasing team morale and engaged collaboration. She served as a talent multiplier — empowering team members to grow and excel through mentorship and skill development initiatives. Her multifaceted contributions align with CoreLogic’s organizational goals, enriching workplace culture, community impact and strategic initiatives.

Stegen works tirelessly to embody CoreLogic’s core values, with her superpower lying in her ability to uplift and empower others. Through her leadership, she has cultivated a culture of trust within the organization, significantly boosting productivity and enhancing employee satisfaction. Her dedication to lifting people up not only aligns with CoreLogic’s values but also contributes directly to her team’s success and well-being.

Beyond her impactful role within the company, Stegen is involved in her community and philanthropic causes, demonstrating her commitment to community engagement and educational initiatives for underserved children. Her efforts reflect the company’s ethos of corporate responsibility, showcasing a genuine dedication to making a positive difference beyond business objectives.


Kristie Stegen


Chief Brand and Communications Officer

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