2024 Marketing Leader: Jane Hood

Jane Hood

Elevating FoxyAI and its brand from concept to market leader, Jane Hood single-handedly orchestrated a dynamic blend of marketing innovation, data-driven strategies and exceptional leadership. With a track record spanning both established and startup landscapes, Hood’s expertise has consistently yielded transformative results, from propelling revenue growth to assembling high-performing teams. 

Hood’s wealth of experience and esteemed accolades bring expertise and credibility to FoxyAI. With a proven track record of leading global marketing strategies for Fortune 1000 giants, coupled with prestigious industry recognitions, Hood has propelled FoxyAI to market leader status in just four years. By handpicking Hood to lead FoxyAI’s marketing efforts, the organization has gained access to a wealth of strategic insights and proven tactics honed over her years of experience at the highest level of industry.

As the driving force behind the brand’s identity, customer experience and corporate value proposition, Hood meticulously crafted its visual aesthetic — from its look and feel to its re-launched website and re-architected corporate value proposition and marketing materials. Her eye for detail and unwavering commitment to quality ensured that the company’s brand and value proposition resonated with its target audience and stood out in a crowded marketplace. Moreover, Hood’s pivotal role in shaping a pricing strategy and go-to-market approach underscores her strategic insight and ability to navigate complex business challenges. By leveraging her extensive experience and innovative thinking, Hood developed pricing structures and market entry tactics that optimized revenue potential and positioned the organization for sustained growth and success.


Jane Hood


Head of Marketing

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