2024 Marketing Leader: James Polinori

James Polinori

James Polinori, a pivotal figure at Geneva Financial, has continuously demonstrated his ability to navigate and thrive in evolving market conditions. As chief marketing officer since 2018, Polinori’s strategic acumen has played a crucial role in maintaining the profitability of the sales team amidst industry fluctuations. His innovative approach and commitment to fostering a human-centric culture have not only reshaped the company’s marketing strategies but also empowered its sales force to excel in dynamic environments, establishing him as a true leader in the mortgage industry.

Polinori’s impact on Geneva Financial has been transformative. His strategic insights and consumer-forward approach have elevated Geneva’s market position, reflected in numerous accolades including being named number one Mortgage Lender by Ranking Arizona for four consecutive years. Polinori’s innovative marketing platforms, such as the no-cost automation system for loan officers, have not only streamlined operations but also significantly boosted loan volume. He possesses a remarkable knack for adjusting to diverse market landscapes, a quality particularly evident during the tumultuous conditions of the past year in the industry. Despite challenges, Polinori demonstrated resilience, employing a model that enabled the corporation to judiciously reduce marketing expenditures while safeguarding profitability. Simultaneously, he ensured that loan officers remained equipped with essential tools and technology to effectively execute their marketing plans and maintain client communications. 

Moreover, Polinori’s dedication to fostering a culture of inclusivity and community engagement has garnered widespread recognition, with Geneva earning prestigious awards for diversity, work-life balance, and advocacy. Beyond his professional endeavors, Polinori’s commitment to philanthropy, evidenced by initiatives like “Hero of The Year,” underscores his holistic impact on both Geneva Financial and the wider community.


James Polinori


Chief Marketing Officer

Company Name:

Geneva Financial

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