2024 Marketing Leader: Jake Fehling

Jake Fehling

Jake Fehling is an exceptional marketing leader whose strategic vision has propelled Movement Mortgage to become one of the fastest-growing mortgage lenders in the U.S. His innovative launch of the Impact Lending initiative revolutionizes how companies view their role in community support and sets a new standard in the industry. Fehling’s leadership directly translates into measurable growth and an enhanced corporate reputation.

Over the past 12 months, Fehling has significantly boosted Movement Mortgage’s growth and standing in the industry with several key initiatives. His leadership in launching the Impact Lending marketing initiative has been transformative — creating a new market category that commits a significant portion of profits to community development. This strategy has not only reinforced Movement Mortgage’s reputation as a leader in ethical business practices but also set a new standard — challenging other lenders to enhance their contributions to the community, thus reshaping industry standards and expectations. Additionally, Fehling collaborated with the chief information officer to spearhead the MORE initiative, a bespoke Salesforce CRM solution tailored to the unique needs of Movement Mortgage. This innovation is revolutionizing the way loan officers conduct and grow their business.

Fehling played a crucial role in creating the Impact Calculator, an innovative tool that demonstrates the direct community benefits of working with Movement Mortgage, such as constructing schools and providing educational supplies through the Movement Schools initiative. Under his guidance, the marketing team executed 667 projects, managed over 3,125 project tasks, and developed 20 major campaigns — significantly enhancing operational efficiency and campaign effectiveness.


Jake Fehling


Chief Marketing Officer

Company Name:

Movement Mortgage

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