2024 Marketing Leader: Heather Zeller

Heather Zeller

Heather Zeller embodies unparalleled expertise in strategic marketing leadership within the financial services and fintech domains, boasting a distinguished career spanning over 25 years. Her visionary approach to revolutionizing real estate financing, evident through her role as vice president of marketing for Veros Real Estate Solutions and Valligent, has not only navigated market challenges but propelled both companies to new heights of success. With her transformative leadership, Zeller fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, driving her teams to deliver impactful outcomes that redefine industry standards and position Veros and Valligent as leaders in the real estate and mortgage sector.

As a leader, Zeller stands as a beacon of excellence in strategic and product marketing leadership within the financial services and fintech sectors, with a remarkable career spanning over 25 years. Her unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the real estate financing experience reflects her commitment to supporting seamless and equitable solutions. Zeller has not only weathered the challenges of dynamic market shifts but also led her team toward success. Since assuming her current pivotal role in 2023, Zeller has spearheaded initiatives aimed at enhancing team efficiency and fortifying the market positions of both companies. Through her guidance and mentorship, she has fostered a culture of collaboration and strategic thinking within the marketing teams, driving them towards tangible, results-oriented outcomes that cater to the evolving needs of the audiences served.

Beyond her role as a marketing team leader, Zeller’s innate drive to uplift others and her spirit of teamwork have positioned her as an indispensable strategist within executive leadership circles. Leveraging her experience in executive coaching, Zeller has played a key role in fostering cohesion and synergy across product, marketing and sales departments. Her leadership style inspires others to work together towards common goals, enhancing collaboration and communication channels, streamlining go-to-market processes, refining key messaging and elevating sales enablement.


Heather Zeller


Vice President, Marketing

Company Name:

Veros Real Estate Solutions (Veros)

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