2024 Marketing Leader: Christina Panos

Christina Panos

Immediately following her start in 2004, Corcoran’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christina Panos, revitalized the Corcoran brand with a top-to-bottom redesign resulting in the acclaimed “Live Who You Are” brand campaign — an ethos that continues to drive Corcoran’s human-first approach to real estate. Not only did this campaign sculpt the brand’s identity, it fortified Corcoran’s foundation, setting the stage for the company, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary, to expand across the country and around the world seamlessly. To top it all off, Panos’s visionary approach, exemplified by collaborations with esteemed photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Tina Barney, single-handedly introduced strategic brand advertising and fashion photography to the real estate industry.

Panos’s strategic leadership ensures that Corcoran not only connects with consumers — transcending the real estate category — but that its marketing campaigns resonate universally, attracting new affiliates with their intimacy and relatability. Leading a highly motivated team, she spearheads the company’s marketing and advertising initiatives across Corcoran’s three company-owned regions and global Affiliate Network, while also driving the cutting-edge digital marketing initiatives that keep Corcoran firmly positioned at the top of a very dynamic industry. Her team’s ability to uphold Corcoran’s elevated brand status in diverse and competitive global markets is a testament to her strategic leadership.

Corcoran prides itself on taking a human-first approach to real estate, prioritizing relationships over transactions, and earning clients’ trust through authentic connections. Panos embodies this authenticity through the sense of community she fosters in her campaigns, within her team and the brand as a whole. Her role in creating and maintaining these relationships is critical to Corcoran’s success.


Christina Panos


Chief Marketing Officer

Company Name:

The Corcoran Group

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