2023 Rising Star: Dave Umphress


Dave Umphress is the operating principal and founder of the Flourish Real Estate Network. Umphress is a visionary to the Flourish Real Estate Network, and to Flourish Alliance. He dreams big and gathers people around him to execute. He firmly believes that the purpose of business is to create the world you dream of, and he dreams of a world of equity, opportunity, health and housing for all. Much of the volunteer work that Umphress and the Flourish agents are involved in focuses on human flourishing in the Denver metro area. For instance, Umphress and his team can be found most often at Gracefull Cafe, a pay-what-you-can Cafe in their area serving delicious food & dignity to those currently experiencing homelessness. Other focuses include organizations like Habitat for Humanity, several local Title 1 Schools and regular projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. 

Umphress’s leadership shows up most in casting big visions and helping chart a course to achieve big goals. He firmly believes that  Flourish Real Estate has the chance to change the world, and that is thanks to its incredible agents running incredible businesses. When they hit their goals, the organization can have a much greater impact than they thought possible. 

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

The question, “Where do you see brokenness in your industry, and how do you feel like you’re being called to address it?” wrecked me. I’m on a mission to help other people ask that question, and together, build an army of thoughtful real estate professionals who want to radically transform their community as a result of real estate sales.


Dave Umphress




Operating Principal and Founder

Company Name:

Flourish Real Estate Network - Keller Williams


Real Estate

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