2023 HW Tech Trendsetter: Amit Arora

Amit Arora

Amit Arora is Opendoor’s vice president of investments and has been with the company for more than seven years, helping to refine Opendoor’s pricing algorithms that incorporate AI, machine learning, computer vision and human expertise to provide millions of customers with competitive home offers. His leadership in investments has enabled Opendoor to complete more than 200,000 customer transactions across more than 50 markets. 

As vice president of investments, Arora is posed with one of the most challenging tasks in real estate: predicting the future. He is responsible for understanding home price appreciation and depreciation in any market or season — and the market volatility since 2020 has really shone a light on the work he and his team have accomplished since Opendoor’s founding. Under Arora’s leadership, the team has expanded the capabilities of Opendoor’s pricing organization, dedicated full-time to deeply understanding the ins and outs of each market Opendoor operates in. The team consists of senior executives and investment team members who constantly evaluate the growth, margin, risk and trade-offs of every home Opendoor acquires. 

Arora has helped build one of the highest quality sets of real estate data across homes in the U.S. to help deliver competitive offers, combining the best of human expertise and machine intelligence. Specifically, Arora redesigned Opendoor’s human-in-the-loop pricing system, disaggregating core pieces, including data quality, risk and valuation, so that the investment team could handle each piece in a more operationally excellent and lower-defect way, which has led to pricing homes with even more accuracy.


Amit Arora


Vice President of Investments

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